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Senior Pastor, Everette Temple CME Church

Rev. Robert L. Yarbrough, Sr., is an ordained elder and pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and a member of the South Georgia Annual Conference. Additionally, he was an army chaplain, serving 24 years and retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Rev. Yarbrough graduated from Lane College, Christian Theological Seminary and Central Texas University. He attended U.S. Army Command and General Staff College where he took chaplain basic and advanced courses, and the clinical pastoral education resident course.

During his pastoral ministry, he has pastored in the New York Washington area, the Ohio Indiana Conference, and the Moultrie-McRae-Brunswick District. Rev. Yarbrough has also served as presiding elder of the Moultrie-McRae-Brunswick and the Albany Thomasville Districts.

Rev. and Mrs. Gwendolyn Yarbrough are the proud parents of two sons, Robert L. (Carey) Yarbrough, Jr. and Michael C. (Dhana) Yarbrough. The Yarbroughs have four grandchildren, McGregor, Robert III, Reese, and Myles.

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